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About us

Bernd Seybold
is the head of as well as the creative mind behind the division 'Technische Konfektionen' (Technical Manufacturing). Due to his many years of experience and his commitment for altogether 12 years as the President of the ‚Industrieverband Technische Textilien - Rollladen - Sonnenschutz e.V.‘ (‘ITRS’; formerly: ‘BKTex’) Bernd Seybold knows the market inside and out. His innovative ideas frequently provided impetus to new developments in temporary structures.

Our Team
is made up of trained technical staff and it is organized along interdisciplinary lines: there are foremen for the technical production and technical draftsmen and office staff, each specialized in their field. Our competent framework also includes experience in tent hire and special events.

Our Comprehensive Know-how
in combination with a network of competence (building engineers for load-bearing structures, architects etc.) provides a basis for professional planning, development and successful implementation of tailor-made solutions for our customers` projects.

Our Company Philosophy
is based on the partnership and cooperation of our team and our relationship to customers and suppliers. Staff loyalty and long lasting business relationships have reaffirmed this philosophy.