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Façade PVC Fabrics

New solutions for façade design ...

... created with our innovative textile-tensioned frame system or special structures.

‚Façade PVC Fabrics’ – a younger line of our performance profile. The new development of SEYBOLD textile-tensioned frame system in 2004 was followed by modification and optimization. The latest innovation of for façade design is our new façade system with an invisible frame structure - developes by SEYBOLD Competence Team in 2010.

Due to both SEYBOLD textile-tensioned frame system and special structures which will be sketched and manufactured project-specifically we can offer a variety of customized solutions for textile façade design.

Textile façade fabrics can revaluate an existing building, shadow a glass front or set coloured accents. Additional accents can be set by customized print and/or special light design. An exhibition stand with an extraordinary façade design will be the eye-catcher at the exhibition center!